Byatikram MASDO (Byatikram Mass Awareness and Social Devolvement Organization), an  Non Government Organization  of Guwahati, Assam, started a  campaign entitled “No HORN PLEASE”  on 1st January 2018 from the Governor's Premises, Assam, and has spread this message to almost all over Guwahati. They visited all the corporate sectors, media houses, radio stations, the high court, ASTC, etc. They have put almost 15,000 stickers on trucks, buses, cars, etc. They have completed their 90 days on 31st March 2018 and organised a programme at SBI head office, Guwahati, with almost 500 employees of SBI to mark their wonderful work.  And thus this 90 days continuous campaign has set a national record.

The Assam Book of Records (ABR) congrats the Byatikram group for the public awareness campaign.

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