Dr. Darla Nageswara Rao (b 12-01-1959), Replica Artist, working as an Artist in Government Central Press, Hyderabad, Telangana, invented the art form of "REPLICA", that is, to copy exactly by hand, the full text of a printed  matter. For this purpose,  he has already copied the first pages of many daily newspapers of India besides several International dailies and  was very much acclaimed as the copy-cat or the replica artist.  Then in the year 2012, he repeated  the style of replica art  to copy out all the 158  pages containing two verses of the HOLY BIBLE, namely GENESIS and  EXODUS as  originally existing  in the  printed book of authorised King Jams Version. An appreciable  part  of this exercise is that, if the last page of this 158 pages copied book is pulled apart, all the pages unfold as a big ribbon, and if all those pages are folded back, again it turns out to be a book. One roll sheet of paper was used for every fifty pages, and roll sheets of fifty and fifty pages were joined to become a single leaf.  Every page has two columns done with height and width.

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Na-Pukhuri, Tinsukia-786125, Assam.