Abhijit Pathak pseudonym Hriday Borpujari (b 13-01-1981) of Duliajan (Assam) is a household name. Mr Borpujari, who once set a World Record for an anthology of self-composed poems written on handkerchiefs, has lately set another World Record for composing and publishing an anthology of 8 poems (named "Rodali") on a three-fold A4 size paper (that includes the cover page and the publisher’s note!). This news was in the public eye in 2014. Hriday is a gifted individual who has been able to draw world’s attention by turning a petty piece of work into a world-class masterpiece.

The way Mr Borpujari has written and published 5000 poetry books in a regional language with a commercial approach is unique and commendable. He has sublimely proved that small and petty works also have inherent potential to produce extraordinary results.

The Assam Book of Records (ABR) congratulates him on these creative and innovative ideas and honours him with this World Record certificate.

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Na-Pukhuri, Tinsukia-786125, Assam.