Dr. Darla Nageswara Rao (b 12-01-1959), Replica Artist, working as an Artist  in Government Central  Press,  Hyderabad, Telangana.,  usually spends free time  in replicate the front  pages of almost all the newspapers. And he thought to make a newspaper on his surname which  only covers about him and  his art. So, he made  a newspaper with title, DARLA (Different Artist of Replica in Letter Art) and the contents were about  him, which were taken from previous coverage's from "THE HINDU", newspaper for the natural appearance of DARLA Newspaper,  paper   was  crafted  with  blade,  a  coloured   registration mark drawn and an advertisement was also placed at the bottom-right of  paper. The date  was  mentioned as  17th  September, 2011  and mainly  the  size  of  DARLA  Newspaper was  retained  as  the  size  of original newspaper (41cmx56.5cm) with total of 6 columns.

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Na-Pukhuri, Tinsukia-786125, Assam.