Founder's Message

The Assam Book of Records (ABR) was originally founded by me in 2016. I started ABR with a unique idea to create and develop a global community of persons having various talents, skills and interests but not having a platform to showcase it. Through the Assam Book of Records people can show their talent globally. Assam Book of Records includes the various amazing facts of Greater Assam and North-East India.

ABR came into existence after a long struggle of trials and errors. It took several years of research, consultations, field studies, tours, circulation of questionnaires, discussions with intellectuals, elders, professionals, journalists and NGO workers. Finally I embarked upon this project with an aim to carve out a niche for the people of Assam/North East and their innovative achievement in Art, Craft, Literature, Science, Technology, Film Design, Medicine, Dance, Theatre and many other fields of human thinking and activities. My message is to provide a distinct platform for the innovators of this incredible and wonderful state that has existed from Prehistory (the Age of Puranas) to modernity contributing its valuable richness in art and thought to global wealth of knowledge and wisdom. The portal will certainly create a special identity for the Assamese in the near future by showcasing to the world community what we can contribute by patenting our achievements, innovations, researches and contributions in various walks of life. I appeal to all creative, inventive and research doing individuals and professionals to inform us on time if they have accomplished and proved anything new in their respective field of activity.

Manjit Sharma (World Record Holder)
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Na-Pukhuri, Tinsukia-786125, Assam.